Samsung Galaxy S4

  • I just received my normal ring.

    Unfortunately it does not trigger.

    I have tried several other nfc tags
    and all work. So I know exactly
    where the sweet spot is.

    So either both sides of my ring are
    defunct or the normal ring doesn't
    work with the S4.

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    Hi Icaros, disregard where your normal tags work, they have a different antenna built into them and can trigger the phones NFC really easily by comparison.
    This can be misleading if you then try to use an NFC ring with the phone!
    Also bear in mind that mileage can vary with different phones, it's an unavoidable thing. Try using the heat map from the NFC Ring control app (I think that's the one, I haven't checked) to see where you should be trying the ring, then try it in that area in both horizontal and vertical alignment. Sweep one way, then turn the ring and try the other.
    If you get a failed read sound, try that area and roll the inlay across it - I've had a lot of success doing that on tricky phones.
    I'm leaning towards the 'check your sweet spot' theory because it'd be ultra rare for both inlays to go bad before you got to use it a bit.

  • I've tried everything I could come up with.
    Both sides of the ring, horizontally, vertically.
    With heatmap and the entire surface. Covering every millimeter.

    I'm afraid it's either the normal ring, that doesn't work
    with the S4 or both nfc tags in the ring are messed up.
    The little yellow plastic tag, that was sent along works
    just fine.

    So I guess I'll have to return my ring.

  • Hey,

    Not sure if you have tried it or not but test without the zerolemon case on. I have it for my S3 and it doesn't work with the case so I am thinking of cutting a hole where the sweetspot is.

  • I can confirm this as well, My normal Ring does not register on my wifes S4 (or my LG G2). But registers fine on my Tablet Z.

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    Hi guys, this is the part about mileage varying between phones.
    Contact <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> and explain the issue, that the rings are working but don't work with your phone, and let them know exactly which phone you have. They may be able to offer you a solution.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey guys, we test with an S4 in the factory as part of the QA process so it should work fine. I also tested an S4 last night with a normal ring and it was fine, so what are we proposing?

    Should we just suggest changing to an alpha if you aren't happy with the classic ring size performance?

    I'm happy either way so just tell Lokki what you think / want and then Lokki if you can drop me through an email when there is a community consensus :)


  • Hey, as I'm sadly also running into this issue with my S4:

    What S4 model are you guys using and what S4 model are you using for testing?
    I've got an i9505 here.

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    Should we just suggest changing to an alpha if you aren't happy with the classic ring size performance?

    I'm happy either way so just tell Lokki what you think / want and then Lokki if you can drop me through an email when there is a community consensus :)


    Sounds like a good plan there, John.

    So, everybody... Speak now or forever hold your peace. ;-)

    Personally I haven't run into any problems with either the normal or the alpha, but there are going to be some phones where the mismatch between antennas is too much if other factors are coming into play.

    Hands up those who agree with a change from classic to alpha for legitimate read issues.

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  • NFC Ring Team

    SAMSUNG GT-I9505, we test with this phone because it's the most common phone that struggles most with small tags.

  • The regular ring does work on the Galaxy S4 (using GT-I9505). There is a catch though - must not use any additional cover/case... I can easily unlock the phone while not using the case. With the case on, it is futile.

    I had tried using a cover which is similar to the S-View Cover, and it works intermittenly due to slightly thicker back cover. Anybody over here tried using the original S-View Cover (or the Flip Cover)?

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    Yeah, there's the rub mate... it works on your S4, but may not work on others (and may work through cases on some others).
    Use others experiences as a guide but don't be too shocked if your own experiences with the galaxy series are markedly different.

  • Not really shocked, but surprised that the ring can only be read intermittenly through the Sumsung S-View Cover/Flip Cover (managed to find the Sumsung-branded Flip Cover and tested). The back cover is just slightly thicker than the phone original back cover.

    I'm going to try something else, and will report back in 2 weeks.

  • I have identified the sweet spot on my i9505 with the normal ring, but only once out of 20 tries, the phone detects the ring on the first or second try. I can't use it this way. any chance to change to an alpha ring?

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    Hello, Andreas, yes there is. If you read all the posts in this thread then you'll see that for those of us with real, persistent issues there is the option of contacting and explaining the issue to them and requesting a possible swap to Alpha size.
    Please do try other methods and understand that the ring most likely needs to be close in on the phone before it will trigger a read.

  • After using for three more weeks trying out different solutions, I've decided to request for a change to alpha ring instead. Even though the classic ring works well, I can't live without the front cover. Too scary to use a phone without a protective cover, especially for me with butterfingers. :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have an S4 GT-i9505.

    With the standard case on my phone I can get the ring to work very unreliably in one spot, not enough to be useable. If I put the S4’s protective case on (an Incipio) it does not work at all anywhere.
    The loose NFC tag that came with the ring works fine even with the protective cover on. I even bent the loose NFC tag into a ring like curve and that worked fine too, again even with the protective cover on.
    I then tried holding the loose NFC tag against the ring (on a bare part) and that then didn’t work. Hmmm, the last thing I tried was wrapping the loose NFC tag around a similarly sized plain silver ring and that didn’t work either.

    I have several 25mm NFC stickers that work up to 20mm away from the back of my S4 with the protective case on.

    I have read through the forums and it sounds like I need to swap my Classic ring for an Alpha??

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    Hi @Duncan - it sounds like you've worked out for yourself why you're having issues, the metal of the ring can make it more difficult to read on a phone that isn't quite working to spec. This is why the special absorber layer is so very important to the function of the ring.
    These issues can be alleviated by requesting a change to Alpha from as the antenna in the Alpha will be more closely matched to the antenna loop in the phone.

  • NFC Ring Team

    The returns procedure is here:

    You guys can just refer to that as that's what we follow internally too :) Thanks!