Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

  • Hey, I'm just wondering if these rings will work with an s8? Not really interested in buying one of them and then finding out I can't even use it, so if any of you have tested it, or know what the s8 supports and what the rings have, then please let me know :)

  • Hi Kossi,
    the S8/S8+ will be able to see any of the NFC rings. You can either register the ring as a 'trusted device' in
    settings\security, or download the NFCRing app and use that to unlock your phone. The NFCRings are nothing to do with Android pay and cannot be used to pay for things. There is an NFCRing payment ring in the pipeline, but it's not been released yet. The payment ring can also be used to unlock you phone.

  • @didgesteve Okay, so I can read and write to it then I assume :) I couldn't really find any specs (I may just be really bad at searching), but it looks like there are two separate NFC chips which I can program separately? How much can they store each? As I said, I may just be bad at looking, but if you could link me to something or just tell me, id really appreciate it :)


  • Hi,
    a quick search listed these specs, there are different storage sizes for the ceramic and titanium.
    Yes, you are right, there are two chips per ring, independant of each other.
    Obviously the app to program these is NFC Ring Control, although it doesn't get many glowing reviews, so maybe NFC TagWriter is the better option.

  • Hey I just wanted to tell you yes it does work with an s8. It just dosent work with iOS. It might take 5-10 minutes to heat up though. But it's sweet spot is in the middle.

  • @ddprincess9
    No surprise it doesn't work with Apple. They would want to sell you an iRing at three times the price, then claim that it's new groundbreaking technology invented by them, like, err, contactless charging...