Dual frequency ring ?

  • Hello !

    I'm just amazed how far this project has gone and all theses nice buzzing ideas to use it everyday. Which brings me to my subject : Will there be a dual frequency ring sometime ?

    The idea behind this is to combine multiple door cards in one ring (to rule(ahem)open them all). Back at my later job, I had all the time 3 cards and sometimes 4. Can you imagine the mess to lose them ? And it takes so much place with a holder, that breaks every 3 years.

    In the same vein for replacing work cards :

    • do you offer dual NTAG216 ring since it support anticollision ?
      -Will you engrave a serial number inside the ring ? That number is needed when matching it with an access door of a company. They need it as a tracking reference.

    I dream of the day that my ring would replace the access pass of the bus/subways, open doors of my job/home, unlock personal security systems and even cross border US with it...
    Yes indeed, the applications are endless.

  • Where I work we have plastic printed passes with nfc chips in. When you assign the card to a person, you place it on a reader, read the tag number, then print it. I discovered my NFC ring can be added like any normal security card. So I can open the doors at work with a wave of my hand, although I still need to carry my pass for securtiy/compliance reasons, but it's a small piece of nerdy pleasure.