• Hi!

    I recently bought two "signature" rings, one for me and one for my wife.
    My question is, if I want to take the rings to a jeweler, are there some special instructions I should give them?

    I'd like to:

    1. fine-tune the size
    2. my wife would like to make her ring more feminine and/or slender


  • NFC Ring Team

    1. Each Jeweler will have their own approach, but let the Jeweler know the material is titanium and to add material to that. If you heat up the ring too much the epoxy will melt and the inlays will fail so be careful not to apply too much heat. It's usually a lot cheaper to just buy replacement rings.

    2. A competent jeweler could remove some material in between the inlays I suppose :) I'd like to see pics of this if you do this.

    RE #2 we have a team who work on custom rings. Unfortunately each ring is $10k+ as it requires management and hand crafting. See our Henry Holland rings as an example of this.

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