What cards are supported? What features will the app have? Will it work for ME?

  • I'm in the UK, and already have a Signature NFC ring, and I'd LOVE a payment ring, but need to know a lot more about how the NFC Pay Ring works before I pre-order, and there doesn't seem to be any concrete information anywhere (that I can find) about all the necessary detail.

    • Are all (UK) Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards supported?
      Some banks / cards don't support Android Pay, but NFC Pay Ring uses a different method to connect the Ring to a Card. How do we know whether a particular card can be used with NFC Ring Pay? And there's lots of talk about this being in collaboration with Visa, but most of my cards are Mastercard.

    • What is the process to set up NFC Ring to work with a particular card? (Android Pay has a neat option take a photo of your card, which makes the process pretty painless - until you find you've got a card that doesn't support Android Pay - but that's not a fault in the setup process.)

    • I've seen info that the ring has its own payment app (i.e. it doesn't use Android Pay, Apple Pay, or banks' own contactless apps). What features does the app have? (I'm personally only interested in Android, but no doubt others will want to know if iOS is the same) e.g. Android Pay keeps a record of all your transactions, but doesn't allow any way to share or copy & paste information to a personal finance app. What can the NFC Ring app do?

    • Android Pay supports "over limit" purchases by unlocking the paired phone. Does NFC Ring Pay have the same ability?

    • Can NFC RIng Pay be used on the same device (phone) as Android Pay?

    • If the NFC Pay Ring has two NFC tags, can they be set to default to two different cards? And does it have the ability to connect to MORE than two by selecting the desired card in the app?

    Fundamentally, I want to be able to answer the question "Will it work for ME?", but there doesn't seem to be a source of the information that I need to be able to answer that question.

    A comprehensive blog post (with app screen shots, how to tell whether a particular card will be supported, etc.) would be a great help.