RECC620 (evoxs) electronic lock cylinder

  • Hi all!

    At least I found a nice (and cheap) european standard lock cylinder. Unfortunatelly it does not work with NTAG tags, only with Mifare 1K. I suppose the RECC610 (version without mechanical keys) does not work either. Product link.

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  • Hi,
    This is good for you that you are using Euro standard lock cylinder. Sometimes, happens some technical fault in it. But in this condition, you should check both lock and NTAG tags, It may be, either tag will not activate with lock or lock will not supporting with tag. After this, it is not working, can contact expert team.

  • Hi, I understand MIFARE cylinders and NTAG chips used in NFC rings share the same NFC frequency (13.56 MHz) and the same ISO/IEC 14443 standard. I don't understand the limitation, especially as NFC ring say in their FAQ:

    "All door locks with NFC (ISO14443) should work fine."

    So maybe the cylinder you bought is not ISO-14443 compliant?