Keepass with NFC Helios

  • Hi at all,

    I want to use my NFC Ring Helios with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to open Keepass. I installed this
    with KeePassDroid but it doesn't work. Than I installed Keepass2Android and
    but it even work. Can somebody please help me?

    Regards, co-moi

  • Community Helper

    Hi, Welcome to the NFCRing forums,
    could you please a bit more details about what isn't working, other then "doesn't work"?

    We can't help you if we do not know what errors you get, and if it is related to your ring or if it's a app problem (if that's the case, this is the wrong forum for support).

    What have you tried so far, can you confirm if your ring is functional otherwise?

    edit; I suspect that you' may be attempting to write a large file to a small tag.

  • It began to write on the tag, than it stops and the programm collaps, after the writing it stops the program each time I hold the ring to my phone. Otherwise I don't habe problems with the ring unlocking my phone e.g. with the app NFC Tools i cleared the ring without any problems.

    I also think its a problem with the apps so I thought it would be a nice feature in the keyringapp.