Ring doesn't read and errors out while writing

  • Just received the ring yesterday (12-5-16) for a birthday present. I was able to have the ring open the web link for the initial setup and downloaded the app. Found the sweet spot on the phone and now am not able to read anything from the ring or write anything to the ring. Whenever I try to write any new information to it I get an error message that reads, "Unable to write to the NFC ring. Tag doesn't support NDEF". This message is the same for any actions I do when trying to write to the ring. When I try to read what is currently on the ring, nothing shows. I hear the connection tone but then nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way to reset it? Also was wondering if it is okay to wash hands with handsome and water with the ring on or is it not supposed to be exposed to water? Thanks for everyone's help in advance on this issue.

    Pixel XL
    Eclipse ring

    • Mikey P

  • hi i have a similar problem, but the ring just does not get identified. no repsonse whatsoever.