Extremely Poor Built quality (?)

  • Hello There,

    I decided to spend my time and register to this forum just to say this.
    I just send an email through the contact form. I hope they'll got back to me asap. See below.

    In short I am extremely dissapointed with the build quality of the ring. The glue apparently was really poor between the body of the ring and the antennas.
    My chinese NFC ring that cost $10 lasted at least 15x longer than the Horizon. No Joke. see picture below.

    I hope i am just being unlucky here for the second time this year. and not inherent problem with the quality of the product.

    Hello There,

    I am an extremely disappointed customer and in urgent need of 'way out'.

    I've been a user of NFC compatible ring since end of 2014. Though I used the chinese version one.
    This year on February I gave a try on your NFC ring. The new version Horizon (check my purchase history)
    And gets what? After a month the NFC antenna got peeled off. yes peeled of. out of nothing. I never did anything extreme with it. just shower and daily stuff. I didn't report it and lost hope then I revert to my older chinese NFC ring. Andf your nfc ring was forgotten.

    Last month, I really wanted to like your NFC ring by purchasing another one. Because my Chinese one is starting to wear off, though still fully functional. I purchased on 9th of September anothere horizon version,then been wearing ever since for a month, and guess what?????? Two days ago the front part where the antenna attached to, again peeled off somewhere. I Lost the part as well during my activities, and of course I cannot glue it back since I don't know where it is.

    I am extremely dissapointed with the quality of the product. I have ti admit the metallic housing of the ring is nice, but the quality of the glue/gluing quality is so amateurish. My chinese NFC version one that cost 10 dollars lasts 15x more than your product. Below is the picture. proof that I am not lying.

    Sorry if i am being too honest. Please help me out.

    Your rings: lasts for a month. then antenna is gone.


    My chinese NFC Ring; Casing has been work-out, but the antenna is still there and functions for almost 2 years now.

  • I'm looking for an alternative to the chinese rings. But here and in other threads there is no much communication with the @NFC-Ring-Team. Why? Did you received a replacement for your ring. And if yes, how good is the quality of the new ring?

  • NFC Ring Team

    @sumastavr We fixed that problem a while ago, you got a first version of the ring (I guess there must be some still in stock somehow :().

    Everyone who had the inlay peeling fault got a free replacement ring, no questions asked and we covered all costs.

    To us this is a resolved issue, we replace faulty rings with good (newer versions). Apologies you got two of the older versions, shoot support through an email (if you haven't already), the chance of you being third time lucky is < 0.1%.

    For background on the issue (because I believe now is a good time). The epoxy keying was not good enough and the curved nature of the ceramic meant the glue / epoxy wasn't staying in the ring long enough. We resolved this and have created new testing machines to ensure durability.

    We have obviously advanced way past this initial design (which was designed in 2013) and moving forward you guys are going to love what we put out.

    Warts and all, happy to talk about it, no product is perfect, our V1 wasn't, our V1.1 was a bit better and easily surpasses any replicas / copies available to purchase.

    PS we're not quick at replying on forum etc. right now because we're busy all hands on deck getting the Worlds First Payment Rings out the door :)