Extremely Poor Built quality (?)

  • Hello There,

    I decided to spend my time and register to this forum just to say this.
    I just send an email through the contact form. I hope they'll got back to me asap. See below.

    In short I am extremely dissapointed with the build quality of the ring. The glue apparently was really poor between the body of the ring and the antennas.
    My chinese NFC ring that cost $10 lasted at least 15x longer than the Horizon. No Joke. see picture below.

    I hope i am just being unlucky here for the second time this year. and not inherent problem with the quality of the product.

    Hello There,

    I am an extremely disappointed customer and in urgent need of 'way out'.

    I've been a user of NFC compatible ring since end of 2014. Though I used the chinese version one.
    This year on February I gave a try on your NFC ring. The new version Horizon (check my purchase history)
    And gets what? After a month the NFC antenna got peeled off. yes peeled of. out of nothing. I never did anything extreme with it. just shower and daily stuff. I didn't report it and lost hope then I revert to my older chinese NFC ring. Andf your nfc ring was forgotten.

    Last month, I really wanted to like your NFC ring by purchasing another one. Because my Chinese one is starting to wear off, though still fully functional. I purchased on 9th of September anothere horizon version,then been wearing ever since for a month, and guess what?????? Two days ago the front part where the antenna attached to, again peeled off somewhere. I Lost the part as well during my activities, and of course I cannot glue it back since I don't know where it is.

    I am extremely dissapointed with the quality of the product. I have ti admit the metallic housing of the ring is nice, but the quality of the glue/gluing quality is so amateurish. My chinese NFC version one that cost 10 dollars lasts 15x more than your product. Below is the picture. proof that I am not lying.

    Sorry if i am being too honest. Please help me out.

    Your rings: lasts for a month. then antenna is gone.


    My chinese NFC Ring; Casing has been work-out, but the antenna is still there and functions for almost 2 years now.

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