Engraved rings

  • I've seen on the roadmap that there should be engraved rings somewhere and
    I also found on the Kickstarter Updates page, that engraved rings have been shipped.

    I haven't found the option in the store though. Am I missing something?

  • Community Helper

    Engraving was a kickstarter-pledge, and was highly delayed because of the issues and hard to track these custom rings after, AFAIK it is not something they want to offer to everyone thought the store.

    Every custom ring has to be manufactured and shipped individually, which is a huge pain the behind for the team to manage and deal with incase the ring cracks or the epoxy gets loose.

    If you are interested in this for a special purpose (other then just having your name on it for no apparent reason other than "coolness"), I suggest contacting support@nfcring.com though email for details.

  • Thanks for the infos (and the quick reply). The engraving was meant to be for a relationship ring, so certainly more than for coolness. But I fear the increased cracking/parting chance you've mentioned, so I'll probably just order one without it.

  • NFC Ring Team

    +1, we're just not doing engraving for current orders because we're crazy swamped but it is something we will be introducing over the coming months! The engraving machines that can do the type of engraving we need are pretty expensive so you really have to get the volume moving through them! Also ordering rings w/ out our branding makes life super tricky so right now those are the two blockers :)