Looking for digital door locks,

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    I am looking for digital door lock for my new house. I look for good quality, affordability and reliability, so I want to choose a good company. There are so many service providers, but I want to choose the best company as per my requirements. Can you help me please?

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    Service providers?

    Are you asking for a company to install a NFC lock? Or the lock itself?

    The lock - the Samsung models seem to have a solid mix of features and price.

    As for a company/person to install - that's a bit more tricky.

    Nonetheless, I will say that installing one of these is non-trival. So plan for a bit of time, and no drinking of beer during the process - only after it is working and done.

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    Any locksmith should be able to swap the door lock in for you. If you've already got a fairly standard door knob or deadbolt it should install right into the existing hole in the door. This is how I use the one I put in the door here, it replaces the old door catch so that I can completely unlock the door without having to turn the knob as well.

  • If you are really looking for a locksmith i suggest http://locksmithtoronto365.com/. He installed my Kwikset system. Its good and reliable small company. Now i`m looking forward to smart Samsung lock. I recommend not to install yourself expecially when the lock is pricy.

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