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    Hey there, thought to create a space to start the discussion back up around Project: Sesame.

    Just for those coming in: (draft)

    Briefly: The goal is to make a Windows only open source NFC login / App that just works.

    I hope to better understand community needs. Been talking with folks involved with this project, and can't wait to hear from you.

  • Hi
    It has been a while. I lost the inlay out of my ring that I was using for unlocking my pc so i hadn't been using the software for a while. I just found it again tonight and once I glue it back in I should be able to do some more work on it. I have found one bug with the new network based architecture that I've fixed and I still need to finish writing the config file part of it.
    Does anyone have more specific focus for my net round of updates? Keeping in mind that I'm (obviously) the last person you'd ask to design UI and UX.

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    Hey, I've put this aside a bit - thinking of perhaps having a coffee/lunch with Maz when in town.

    I have been talking with folks at MS and fido - one idea that I'd like to kick around. I guess microsoft's Windows Unlock via their Companion IoT Devices is rolling out soon(ish). It is only for Windows 10; however, it seems to offer a better mechanism for dialing in convenience/security - and is baked right into the OS.

    I've been meaning to post this:

    Just thinking outloud.

  • My relocation is still being postponed for reasons beyond my control.
    It looks like I should probably apply for access to the companion device framework although it looks like it is essentially going to work the same way as the current Sesame software does, but fixes the issues I have with needing to hold onto the password.

    It's a long weekend this weekend so I'll see what I can do.

  • Made a heap of progress today but the new features aren't finished or tested. Of course there is heaps more work to do but I might be able to get around storing an unencrypted password finally. I've tested my new setup a few times and it works but I'm definitely in unchartered territory with this so I think I'll keep testing it myself for a while (a week or 2) in case it all goes horribly wrong.
    the good news is significantly improved registration process (i.e. you swipe a ring and the machine locks, when you log back in thats the account that it uses for unlocking). I'll have to ponder the implications of having that setup that way but for now it seems to work as well as the old solution.
    I have some more scenarios to test to see if i can find out what is requesting auth using the standard credential prompt. If i can get some kind of consistant ID I'll be able to make a plugin that handles a CredUI popup (i.e. when using remote desktop or file shares etc) and gives an appropriate response based on the ring swipe.


    All in all, a busy day. It made me laugh, it made me cry, but none of that matters so long as it works.

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    Woohoo I'm gonna get on this as soon as I can! Awesome @maz_net_au

  • I did contact Microsoft about their companion devices framework and got a response from Anoosh asking for more information, but havent heard any more since then. I assume I'll get a response that either says that its not suitable for what we're doing here, or that we can get access to this framework. That'll presumably be win10 or higher so I'll keep working on the old solution anyway.
    My new NFC ring arrived today so I'll finish off the code and use that to register the new device to test the process and then upload it all to github.