I bought one !

  • Hello,
    u do exatly what i want a ring to control all !!

    the mising things is i have nothing to control, my phone not have nfc, my door lock no control, my computer no nfc reader !!

    so now i have the rings (not now i wait to receive it ! )

    now, now i need to understand how i can use nfc with evrything and get control identification of all things :)

    and what about hachers ?

    if i have the rings on the bus, someone can scan it and using it ?
    What about security ?

    thanks !

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    Awesome, you are going to love the ring. For me, it was a strong and immediate emotional response.

    Everything that you said is spot on correct, and now things to work on/build upon. Firstly, the NFC Ring is just one component of an entire ecosystem.

    Some others being: phone that can take full advantage of this emerging technology. Right now, that's going to be (mostly) an Android phone - and not all Android phones are the same (UX-wise). Some have insane NFC hardware (the Blackberry Priv is by far the best I've ever seen; with the Nexus lines - from 2013ish onward also being good/great) - not to say these are the only ones, I only can comment to those I've personally used.

    Got the phone now what?

    Probably not going to get a NFC door lock. Honestly, it is a lot of work still - and it requires the ability to drill into doors; not everyone is going to want to do this.

    What about hacking? This is definitely a good and a couple of general ideas:

    1. phone-related, you can setup up Smart Lock but also have the phone do additional work via Tasker/Trigger and scripting.

    2. Hardware - if you like arduinos then there is KeyDuino. Though it is over, I'm fairly sure that you can still find these on ebay/forums/etc.

    1. Raspberry Pi (or other SBC) connected to a RC522. (Don't forget some female-female jumper wires) and there are a number of ways to use. Either via python or even Node.JS - depending on your goals.

    As for someone skimming - I wouldn't worry about this too much. They would need to be right up on you (physically) and it is really then a question of what data you've put on your ring. If you are most concerned with a black hat cloning your ring to unlock your Android phone - solution: only authorize the 'inside' tag. But if you have your biz card on your ring (or Blockchain ID such as onename.com) - let them steal that.

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    @Jeff said in I bought one !:


    PN532 V3 would be preferable for readability, especially with the old titanium rings.

  • Hello there!

    Well i have it !!!


    Buti can't do nothing with it !!
    We have to build the stuff i need
    I m not ok with alle electronic stuff :/