How Do you Setup NFC Ring 2016 to work with Samsung SHS-2320?

  • Hi,

    I've worked out from reading around that the NFC Ring 2016 will work with the Samsung SHS-2320 as they both use the 14443A type(13.56MHz) Tags. I have one on order from Amazon now so will find out next week!

    My question is how or what do you encode to the NFC Ring, to act as a tag for the lock?
    Do you use a "Tag Cloning" app to copy one of the provided Samsung Tags?
    Or Does the lock itself "Write" the NFRC ring tag when registered?

    Also once the ring is written, how easy is it for anyone with a phone to clone my "door key"?!?

    Does anyone who's has a Samsung lock have any experience of this??

    Thanks. dB

  • Ok, So I can now answer my own question as the SHS-2320 has arrived today from Amazon.
    To use a given tag or NFC Ring with the smart lock, NOTHING is written to the tag.
    The supplied tags are blank, the lock simply looks for the UID (Unique Identification Number) of the Ring / Tag.

    An example of this is [Card UID: B9 27 4C B5]
    A 4 byte value, containing 32 bits and is unique for every tag.

    When linking the lower, black tag in my NFCRing to the Smart Lock, the original NDEF message stored in it remains and it will still function as it was originally programmed :-)

    So double purpose for the NFC Ring Tag used as the "Door Key"
    A standard NDEF message plus a unique key for the lock based on the UID of the NFC tag itself.

    This also answers my final point "how easy is it for anyone with a phone to clone my "door key"?!?

    Safe and unlocking my house, with my hand.

    Most Pleased. dB

  • Thats 2 to the 32 possible values for a UID or 4,294,967,296 (4.2 billion!)

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    @Keyboarddave Love to hear more about your experience. I was so frustrated initially, I didn't realize that the reed switch was mandatory - and so I could figure out the reasons for failure. It also didn't help that the batteries that came from mine were dead/dying.

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    @Jeff Reed switch? is that specific to the 2320?