Unable to register

  • I got my horizon ring today and downloaded the app for windows phone(lumnia 930).
    I tried registering the ring but that part of the app does not seem to recognize the ring, neither does the app reconize the phone btw.
    The other parts of the app do recognize the ring although link, text, vcard just add a blank vcard to the ring.
    I found that youtube, twitter and facebook do work.

    Is there something i'm doing wrong?

  • NFC Ring Team

    No need to register any more, I need to remove that functionality from the WP app, cheers for reminding me :)

  • NFC Ring Team

    I removed register from WP Control app :) Try updating

  • Sorry haven't been able to check back for some days.
    I didn't see an update so i uninstalled and just downloaded it again.
    I'm still seeing the register function.
    Now i don't mind it being there at least i know its not needed anymore.
    But this still leaves me with the problem that when i for instance try to create a link to a webpage.
    it gives me two textboxes the label above it says:"undefined"
    Both textboxes have Next buttons.
    When i enter the link in both textboxes and use either next button it leaves me with a blank vCard on the tag.
    It also does not seem to recognize my phone(lumnia 930).