Tag not working

  • It would seem that after about 2 weeks of using my nfc ring (horizon) with my galaxy s6, one of the tags has stopped working. More specifically, the tag that is usually located on the inside of my hand (the clearside looks nicer ;P). I have rotated the ring to see if its the phone or the tag that is at fault and the other tag is working fine. Has this happend to anyone in the past ?

    I would like to point out that up until now everything was working perfectly, Love the product!

    Thank you for the feedback,

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey Nicolas, we will sort this for you, please email support@nfcring.com -- first tag of the 2016 rings to fail I think??

  • Having the exact same issue with Horizon ring except I use the clear side often (to unlock phone) and the black side (vCard) is unresponsive. Tried scanning with TagInfo but no luck. Using Galaxy S4.

  • I've actually noticed now that a small "split" has formed in the middle of the black tag. The only way to explain it is that it looks as though the black "sticker" that covers the tag has split in two. I'm trying to get a picture but its difficult to find the angle .

  • NFC Ring Team

    No problems guys just let support know and we will sort it :)