2016 Ring Durability Issues (ring broke)

  • I was one of the backers of the original Kickstarter a few years ago, and I really enjoyed using my NFC ring. I lost it a few months ago, but much to my delight I found out about the new Kickstarter with the improved 2016 ring.

    My old titanium ring got scuffed pretty quickly, but the damage to it never got worse than that despite many months of constant wear and tear. On the other hand, I've been using my 2016 NFC ring for less than two months, and today it broke in two!

    It started getting scuffed almost as soon as I started wearing it, but it wasn't too noticeable so I figured it would be the same situation as the old rings. Today, the ring fell off my finger (it's cold today so my fingers are skinnier), hit the ground, and broke into two pieces (see image below).

    broken 2016 nfc ring

    Both of the tags still work (it's been an hour since it broke), but I can't wear the ring anymore so that doesn't matter so much to me.

    Is there anything I can do in terms of swapping/replacing/etc my ring? I don't want to use one of the older, titanium rings because the read distance is too poor to work through phone cases.

    tl;dr: 2016 ring broke after just two months; replacement policy?

  • NFC Ring Team

    TLDR; Our replacement policy rocks. See http://nfcring.com/returns

    So wow, that crack is awesome and in a REALLY interesting place. We have had some returns have fractures and breaks along the join points but yours is mid section which means the force to do this must have been intense! Props!

    Can I ask what material your ring dropped onto? Was it ceramic / slate / tile? We do state in our 2016 rings data sheets that dropping your ring onto a ceramic or tile floor will result in breakages.. But even with that said, we still replace it so we're looking out for you guys!

    Thanks for the feedback, this one has me pretty impressed.

  • Wow, thanks for such a prompt and helpful reply! I dropped it onto tile (see image). At first I thought nothing was wrong, but when I picked it up I discovered that it had cracked and it split in two.

    I'll follow up with an email, thanks!

  • Just for balance, I dropped my 2016 Horizon ring 1.5 meters onto a tile floor and I was expecting the worst but it was fine (it bounced a few times). While this has probably weakened it and I likely won't get away with it again, it's seriously impressive how strong they are.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Ceramic on Ceramic is Ceramics worst enemy.. Gotta be careful around ceramics / tiles / glass / wash basins etc :) Still the point is we do replace them under warranty :) If anything this break proves the overall engineering of the ring looks pretty sound as the break points weren't in the join locations but at the point of impact..

    Still we can improve right, we could put an epoxy rim around the outside to absorb impact. I'm sure there are other things we could do too in future iterations to avoid issues like this. I will think on this, any other thoughts welcome :)