My FaceBook profile is not loading if someone is using FB app and is not logged in on FB via browser

  • I use NFC for social sharing. I have saved my FB page on it but when i tap it on the phone they open only the browser and if someone is not logged in to FB on the web but on facebook app then it doesnt work. Since most people now are using app to access FB this public function doesn't really work. How do you go around this? Is there any way to make the ring open FB page in FB app not in the browser?



  • NFC Ring Team

    @Alicja-Dul Surely the Facebook app is responsible for catching specific URI intents IE and handling them? The issue is probably that Facebook doesn't want you to hit up specific URLS from NFC intents for security reasons? IDK much about Facebook as I'm not really a FB user -_- Someone with more insight might be able to help further.

  • Well it is the same for other social media acc. like LinkedIn. Unless someone is logged in the browser the Ring won't work as it doesn't open the app.
    One way to do it is described here but it is super complicated:
    You need to encode two URL's : one for your social media and another for deeplink......There must be an easier way ;/

  • I mean not super complicated but it is a pain...

  • This is how apps work on mobile phones. It has nothing to do with the NFC ring. It is the same if they click a link to your profile on a webpage. Worse yet, the different mobile platforms handle deep-linking a little differently.

    The nfc tag is just saying "open url:" or whatever. After that, it's the software on your phone that does the rest and that is where the problem lies. Send a message to google, apple, microsoft, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc and see if you can convince them to make the system more streamlined.

    I wonder if they could actually make the facebook website detect that it is being opened on a phone that has the app installed and then from the browser, launch the app. I suspect not but you can always ask.

  • @maz_net_au Well this limits for sure the use of NFC. I was checking deeplink, it only works for LinkedIn, not for FB ;(

  • @Alicja-Dul
    It doesn't limit NFC, it just means that someone (or lots of someones) need to write some software to do it. The biggest issue is that everyone needs to agree on how to do it, otherwise you'll need to install your special software onto someone else's phone to get it to work.

    I assume the linkedin app monitors for the URL or the website is able to launch the app. Which is one of the suggestions i made above. Start trying to convince the other social media groups to do it?

    I just used the outer tag to send people to my websites contact page which works well for me.