Unlock app issues

  • Hello,
    I ve got two problem:
    The first one: the unlock feature is working well but the virtaul keypad is totally withe when i want to use it cos not wearing the ring.
    The second one is that I have to unlock the phone before answering an incoming call, which is not convenient. May you help me ?

  • For your second issue, I remember that you can choose to unlock the phone automatically when the call comes in, and lock the phone again when the call ends. I'll need to reinstall the app on my phone before I can guide you on that.

    Alternatively, if your phone is on Android 5.0 and above, you may want to try using the Smart Lock feature. Before setting it up, remember to disable/uninstall the unlock app first. (Though at the moment, there seems to be some issue with the Smart Lock stops responding to NFC tag after some time: https://forum.nfcring.com/topic/534/android-lollipop-trusted-device-nfc-ring-perfect)

  • Unlock Settings > Manage Call Behavior

    Change the following:

    • Incoming Phone Call Behavior > Disable on phone ring
    • Disconnected Phone Call Behavior > Re-lock the device right after the call is disconnected
    • Answered Phone Call Behavior > Do not re-lock the device (If I recall correctly, this will allow you to still access the "end call" button)