Where to get it?

  • Hi Pierre, congratulations for the successfull KS campaign!

    I would like to ask you where will it be available for buying after the campaign? Will there be any webstore for placing orders? Maybe a site where we can buy it together with the antennas?



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    He's talking about the Keyduino :) We don't have it available on the store yet but hopefully will in the future!

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    Ah, lol. Must have been late at night when I did that!

  • Yes, i meant Keyduino :). Meantime I found an information on Keyduino forum that it will be available on Elecrow(.com) website. They are manufacturing the Keyduino I think.

  • Hey!
    @Laszlo yes, you can get a KeyDuino on elecrow website when all backer will be shipped :)
    Keep you in touch for that!

  • Guys, do You know where I can get the small antennas shipped with keyduino ?
    It is my last hope since my existing system (5 DIY door locks) have readers
    placed in exterior in a case (0.5 mm thick) and I get no readings at all.
    My 2016 rings only work when I touch the antenna on the reader at specific spot.

  • Hey !
    For now, the small antenna's orders are closed but some of them will be selled by ELECROW with the keyduino soon.
    I take the decision to add some free antenna in these pack :
    But if you didn't order one of them, and your really want a deported antenna, please contact me with your KS account by message.
    Also note that you don't need any deported antenna to read the NFC ring as there is an integred antenna. And that the large antenna work really fine with the 2016 ring.


  • @MrStein Thank You I will check Elecrow sporadically.
    Unfortunately Keyduino was not an option for me, since I use Arduino Megas due to extra pins and memory with Ethernet shields and PN532 Readers communicating over Serial placed in exterior as far as 10 meters from Arduinos. Arduinos are in interior due to reprogramming and temperature/moisture conditions.

  • Bonjour à tous, KeyDuino est disponible sur ELECROW pour 40$ (FDP out) avec une petite antenne, il n'en reste que 12 disponibles!

    KeyDuino is now available on ELECROW for 40$, there are only 12 boards lefts!

  • As I see there are 15pcs available again on Elecrow. Are there any changes in the new batch?

  • Hey @Laszlo, we already launch a new production of 100 boards, in fact there are 96 boards lefts ;)

    Currently when you buy a pack on elecrow, it's the same design than the KS version but there are some little change:

    • reading distance a little bit improved thanks to a new matching circuit
    • all pack come now with a big deported antenna, that can read 2016 nfc ring only
      I don't know if I relaunch another production after this stock, as the sales decreases quickly.

    But I currently I work on 2 designs:

    • the keyduino nano (same than the normal one but smaller)
    • ozOne, a NFC reader with wifi, LEDs and LIPO charger

    Keep me in touch if you're interested :)

  • @MrStein Off course, I am interested in anything that has to do with NFC :)

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    @MrStein I'm pretty sure we all are curious about your projects! You should keep us in touch! :D