vCard incomplete

  • Hi All,
    Got my rings today. Lots of fun!! Got unlock to work, but having trouble with vCards, I had to make a contact entry, first. The contact is transferred to the ring, but I can't get nfc control to pass the website to the ring. From what I can see control is looking Url or Urls but on my contact list the website indicater is the picture of the earth, so since it can't find Url or Urls it doesn't pass the website name. I'm using a Moto X Pure Edition with marshmallow. I also put the website under the entry note, which control found but did not pass to the ring. I, also, removed the address but control will still pass website name to the ring. So far I have name, telephone, address, and email, but no website, boo who, boo who. If I had it my way I would make it a form, as I don't see why I would have an entry for me in my contact list, oh well. Oh by the way, the feedback button on control doesn't seem work under marshmallow, I assume it worked before, that's why I'm going thru forum for this problem.

    J. Fong

  • NFC Ring Team

    If someone can confirm these issues please create an issue here:

    I expect the feedback issue is due to new security constraints but this needs confirming!