Are the 2015 rings Google Authenticator/FIDO U2F Compatible?

  • The newest update to the Google Authenticator app has the following line in their 'What's New' listing on the Play Store:
    "Developer preview: support for NFC Security Key (FIDO Universal 2nd Factor protocol)"
    I'm somewhat tech-savvy (to people that don't get computers I'm a wizard, but I really don't know much about coding/hardware/etc, I mostly just figure stuff out as I go), but haven't yet found a clear answer as to whether I can use the 2015 NFC Ring as a U2F device as in
    If so, my understanding is that I could use the new ring in order to help secure my Google account (under certain circumstances), without running into the additional inconvenience I've had with the Authenticator app caused by periodically wiping my phone while flashing new ROMS, etc.
    Any info you folks can offer would be much appreciated.

  • As far as I know NFC Ring doesn't talk FIDO U2F. The new version of Google Authentication will support a NFC device that talks FIDO U2F.

  • Thanks for your response. It sounds like there's still a possibility, but I guess I won't get my hopes up too much. Luckily the LG G4 I'm using now works fantastically even with the old ring I still have (as far as reading distance and reliability) so I can still look forward to using it for my local phone security even if it doesn't work for my Google account.