Kickstarter Surveys will be sent as Surveys not store vouchers.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey guys, sadly, despite our best efforts we can't get our online store to do what we want so we're going to be sending out surveys to get your ring choice.

    The disadvantage is that you wont be able to add any additional items to your order so if you wanted to add more stuff you will need to visit the store and place an additional order.

    As an outcome of this we're going to be changing(a few months in the future) our store provider to an open source solution so we have complete control.

  • Community Helper


    I do feel the move to another store would be a thing eventually because of the limitations you guys have hit time and time again- unfortunately it had to come later rather then earlier !

  • NFC Ring Team

    Yea, we should have moved from Shopify to WooCommerce much earlier though, guess we had enough distractions ;\