Note 2 not reading.

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    I am having a similar issue with my note 2. The spare tag is picked up immediately, on the back near the middle under the camera. But I can't get it to pick up the ring anywhere on the back, slowly running the ring along the back produces no results.

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    Hi, sorry for the edit but I'd prefer each device at least have it's own thread. That way you're not going to get lost in the mix and later on it will be easier to search through forum threads for specific devices.

    The spare tag should work immediately as you say, that's a great indicator that things are happening as they should. But the rings will be by design more difficult to read, especially if the antenna in the phone is a large one. It can make the sweet spot very difficult to find the first few times until you truly get used to it and can hit it consistently.
    Another thing to note is that the rings being metal can alter where your device will make a good read, it may not be the same place as the bare tag that you were using.
    Try both horizontal and vertical orientation for the ring, one way may be better than the other.

    Something else to check could be the contacts for the NFC antenna in the Note 2 battery cover. If they appear dirty don't scratch them clean with an abrasive but instead gently polish them with a pen eraser (the grey kind with light grit in it, you buy them here as a combination pen/pencil eraser with a white side and a grey side).

  • I struggle on my note 2 to get a lock sometimes. It has been mentioned on other post that rolling the ring can help.
    More often or not it feels that the sweet spot can move sometimes. Crazy sounding I know.
    I found the best place to get a read is in the top corner of the NFC reader on the back of the phone.