Thoughts on designs for the Helios ring

  • NFC Ring Team

    @Lazybear yeah we did wood initially, the problem is:

    • Wood effect materials absorb moisture which causes an unstable environment for the FPCB.
    • Real wood is too thick and unpredictable to work with in our tolerances (200 microns or so).

    Noted, so far looks like Transparent / White is popular so far, we haven't done white yet so we're prototyping over the coming week :)

  • Make a Matrix ring! .... i dunno what that means ... Okay, transparent/white sounds cool. How about transparent/silver fibre?

  • Transparent! I love what I'm seeing. And since there'll be two tags, I don't really mind the color of the second one.
    I thing white/transparent would be cool, because it'd be hard to tell the white tag it's there, but even if you go with transparent/black, one that doesn't like the contrast could wear it transparent side up.
    Same color on both sides could make things a bit unpredictable for some of us. My ring keeps turning through out the day and if I couldn't tell the two sides apart and was actually using this one to store pins or passwords, that'd be a problem.

  • I will have to say white/transparent. Black in my eyes contrast to much.

  • My idea is to get a White NFC for my wife... I'm all for white/white... Can we get a diamond inlay too?! lol

  • Could the transparent have a tinted aspect, i.e. so we could have two transparents but with a tint which means we can tell them apart!

  • NFC Ring Team

    We wont be doing the same color on both sides, we learned from that ;)

    We're not doing diamonds, heh :P

    @Engarde hrm RE transparent tinting, I think that might work but I'd have to check..

  • ooo I like transparent/transparent-tinted

  • My vote is on the white transparent or the idea of a tinted transparent sounds awesome too!

  • I think white/transparent. certainly the black on the white ring (in my opinion) looks terrible.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi..i am a new user here. In my case I have an alpha blank/white, and two substituted black/black sigs, I'd discourage black/black or white/white or transparent/transparent.I do find the clash visually, even to other people when they see the transition of black white very distracting. I wear my b/w alpha on my thumb and if it happens to slip around from its usable position, which is basically chip side down inner and other thumb edge, The transparent looks good, with the black being very constrasting.

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