Tag inlays, ring free for makers/builders

  • Hey team,

    I'm looking to get my paws on a couple of the nfc tags used in the rings, as they're a unique size. I do some lathe work as a hobby and was hoping to make some of my own rings.
    Master McLear suggested I reach out to you folks here, specifically for a gent named Justin here in the states who might be able to put me on the right track.

    If anybody's got any input, I'd love to hear it!



  • Hey Adam - what kind of input are you looking for? And where are you located?

    The wooden rings I make are done using a bent wood method, as opposed to on a lathe, but the general concept, of course, is still the same. I have been struggling with how to "embed" the tags in a way that you can actually tell where the tag is, and still look good. Would love to be able to chat with other like minded folk...