I want to give away my ring vouchers when they come...

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    I'm going to give away my ring vouchers when they come, I've had a chat to John about it and he says that's ok, so the next thing is how to go about it. What do you guys think?

    Edit: I'm doing this because I'd prefer to have more people exposed to the ring and support John and the team by backing/buying rings myself. So, ideally the rings would go to people who aren't already backing on kickstarter or due vouchers from the previous kickstarter.

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    To clarify further, I don't want to just give them to people I know - they can already see the rings in action any time I'm around, and my original rings have already been distributed to family members.

    So really I'm looking for suggestions on who/how I should hand out any vouchers I get... Competition? Twitter? Here, the forums?

  • No, not here. Here we are already fans. A competition either on Twitter or a Facebook could be a good idea. If you are a member in a Facebook tech group/another tech forum that would be a good idea.

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    Good thought, thanks Annita.
    Anyone else got a suggestion?

  • I agree with Annita, but I'd like to refine the idea a bit more: announce a competition in a tech corner of the web (maybe one that's focused on NFC stuff in general, or stuff that has an indirect relation to NFC, such as a smartphone community like XDA?), and require the attendees to sign up to our forum, and/or require to come up with the most creative idea for using an NFC ring. That's the only way to go about for maximum impact I can think of.

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    I'm still mulling over the whole thing a bit, I was watching a couple of hackerspaces thinking to let them do the thing but my faith in humanity and all ebbs and flows when I see bad behaviour.

    But yeah, I think you're right. In a week or so I might announce the thing on twitter and a couple other places, require a follow of NfcRing and a membership on the forum, then let the community vote best idea.
    How's that one sound?

  • Sounds like a win+win to me, Lokki.