Your NFC Ring has 1K of Storage, how would you use it?

  • NFC Ring Team

    Currently your ring has 128 bytes so this is quite a hefty increase in storage!

  • Full contact informations :)

  • Community Helper

    Yeah, definitely full contact info, getting that vcard in there was painful when you had to leave out so much details..

    bitcoin addresses anyone?

  • I have hundreds of IDs and passwords for various email, and internet accounts, an encrypted indexed database on the ring would be nice

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    Definitely on the bitcoin address storage, Deas!

    *edit - I usually generate a paper wallet, then use a ring to hold that data.

  • vCard. Definitely a vCard. Currently, as a dev/geek, I'm relying on a profile link!

    Or you could store some good solid keys on their for near certificate-level security in a physical device.

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    Oh and, you don't have to store password in plaintext, so you could add a bit of extra security for other applications were security is important, for example signin onto your webpages with Symple ID (another KS backed project) or the idea of signing in on your computer with an Arduino-

  • Full PGP keys, what else?
    ~ nmaggioni1

  • vCard on one side. When you get the 5K of storage, I'd put my PGP key on the other side. For now, it's a link to my keybase.

  • first trying to use it with asus motherboards. Now ring won't work with it. Next make it comantiple with my car start and then... Only sky is the limit...

  • additionally to one professional and one private VCF I'd really like to store either my medical info (like most important diagnoses, allergies, organ donation decision, blood group and medication plan) in an encrypted format or at least a www-link to that information. This way this vital information could be retrieved even if I'm unconscious and/or badly injured.
    Hm. Come to think about this idea it would need to be much more common to have an NFC device providing that info in order to make the paramedics routinely search for it - but hey, this is about ideas and dreams! For the medical information much more storage would be required, but maybe about 4k would be sufficient (which translates easily to "we need another generation of NFC rings soon" :-D )

  • Something less practical, but more "sentimental": if you're a fan of space exploration, you could put the compiled code of the Apollo lunar lander's guidance computer on the ring. Not sure it will fit in 1K, the source code is definitely too big.

  • I would use a 2016 NFC Ring for pretty much everything it was able, just as my last one, and would love to try out any new features and ideally use it in conjunction with my Google Wallet account. I loved having my original NFC Ring from kickstarter, and only removed it for work and the shower. I used my last one for my phone unlocking and to send people my contact info, as well as a great conversation starter (people were often in awe of my magic techy ring) where I would then demonstrate its usefulness and ease of use by sending them a link to your site/kickstarter. That is until it was stolen from my work locker (I work in a wet, sharp, and very messy job and wanted to keep it pristine). Needless to say I was quite upset, and searched for hours to find the culprit and retrieve it, but to no avail. While I would love to purchase a 2016 model, as a poor college student, I cannot responsibly afford it. I would be incredibly excited to have another chance to show off and feel proud of my first, and favorite, kickstarter company/product. So while I may not be the most creative user, I would be happy to assist in any way I would be able to perfect the ring (product reviews, bug reports, stress testing, etc). I hope you see my care for your product and are willing to give me another chance to share it with the public.

    Bryson Duce

  • I know its already been said but seriously the best thing is being able to fit full contact information.

    I would also love to be able to store a complex key on it for Dual Factor authentication with a password to get into a password database

  • Would like to store vcard and if possible like to keep a track of latest limited unlock history for any investigation purposes.

  • I could totally dig a vCard and Wi-Fi connection information for when guests come over to my house

  • Due to my job, I often have to exchange contact information with people that I meet. So, besides using it to unlock my phone and making it do various other tricks, full contact information would definitely be tops on my list.

  • I would like to use it as an asymmetric key for unlocking my keepass database.

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    Some brilliant ideas, guys! Keep 'em coming.

  • I have been autodidact in c++, web programming, and robotics for the last 10 years. I use my current Ring, which i got during the kickstarter campaign, for security on the front door to my house and my phone. However, i plan to use the NFC ring to send basic commands to a a robot i am constructing now that will verify the identity of anyone who enters my home as either me, or someone else, telling me my reminders or adding on security respectively. I'm currently in the building part of this project of mines where i have all of the c++ and Assembly programed, i just have to put the robot itself together..