Putting my own chip into the ring

  • Is there a way that i can put my own chip into the ring ? Would that require alot of tinkering ?

  • Community Helper

    You could probably do it, if you had a ring which you removed the inlay/s from, then you designed a new antenna to suit your chosen NFC tag wafer (the wafer would have to fit within the confines of the original inlay cavity). You'd have to have an rf absorber layer to reduce interference from the ring - you probably wouldn't be able to re-use the original one because the wafer is going to be sized differently.
    Then you have to finish the project up by filling the remaining space with an epoxy to protect your components and give that a bit of a polish to leave it looking good.

    Probably not worth the effort!

  • wasnt there a ring from here at the beginning that you could 3d print and put your own chip inside ?

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    Yeah, I believe there's a 3D model out there somewhere. Printing in plastic is a whole different scenario - there you're not dealing with the negative effects of nearby metal and so you're not limited nearly as much as you are if you replace the chip/inlay in a metal ring.
    If you'd like to have a play around, pm me and I'll get your address to send you a ring with a defective inlay.