Boosting the NFC antenna

  • Hello,
    Isnt there a way to boost the NFC antenna of a phone, so you dont have such a hard time finding the sweet spot?
    #inductive coupling / #external antenna ?

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    There are a couple of solutions out there but the best one is to simply get a phone that has a better NFC setup.

  • Is there somewhere a list of phones with accesible nfc contacs ?
    I've got the S4 which has accesible contacts and the S4 mini which only has QI contacts.

    Also a list of available antennas would be nice.
    I already tried the maxfield wireless charging receiver + nfc. Which boosted nothing (no better connectivity ) but works. I am really having a hard time of finding a good antenna.

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    There are a few posts here concerning aftermarket NFC antennas, @jasok2 was modifying an Asus nfc reader and testing some of those antennas on it.
    Basically any phone with a removable back plate with the NFC antenna mounted there will have accessible contacts, most Sony phones are that way though the waterproof ones are of course inaccessible unless you're willing to lose your waterproof rating.
    Anything to do with aftermarket Qi is going to make NFC reception worse, not better.