Can I use NFC Ring software with a TimeR NFC ring and a Nexus 5

  • I bought a TimeR NFC ring without realizing they had violated your patents. Are their rings prevented from working with your software?

    I seem to be stuck with my account not being recognized by for the one time verification step on my phone. When I request a password reset, it says that there is no account for my email address.


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    The Unlock App is funded by the sale of original NFC Rings, so unfortunately no. You would need to purchase a ring to get access to the App.

  • Yea, um, no. @Lokki is correct. We spent a whole ton of time, energy and money to bring the NFC Ring to the market and these people simply rode off the back of all that without putting in any effort (as noted, violating our patents in the process!). We work hard to help the NFC community as a whole. Why not help support us and purchase a real NFC Ring :)

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hehe, yea sorry @Geigy you kinda got ripped off :( The thing is the Timer ring is violating both our patent and our trademark of "NFC Ring" and despite us trying to offer to them that they license our patent for free and also try to support them by providing our software open source they have been unwilling to co-operate with us.

    The Timer company owner uses this forum so if you want to perhaps email them and ask them to comment that would be welcome as I think discussions with how we work with competitors to provide the best user experience in the future is a valuable thing to have in the open.

    Sadly the TLDR; with the Timer product is it's a cheap, poor quality copy.