So um, how do I use the native NFC Unlock functionality in Android

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    It seems that our work with Google has been somewhat bastardized and I literally can't figure out how to get Smart Unlock w/ NFC to work.. Is anyone having any luck with this? If so can you please post a guide for how to get it working?!

  • I got it to work! I don't have time to write it up fully, but if you can get an NFC Ring added as a trusted device under Smart Lock, the steps to use it seem to be:

    1. Wake up the phone - if Smart Lock is configured, there should be a closed, filled-in lock icon at the bottom of Android's lock screen with a pulsing circle around it.
    2. Scan the ring - if it recognizes it, the lock will open and change to an outlined image instead of filled, and a soft pop or click will play.
    3. Swipe away the lock screen, and the phone should be unlocked. The NFC Ring Unlock screen didn't appear, and I have access to my phone at that point.

    I have my phone configured with a PIN, but can skip it and the still-active NFC Ring Unlock by scanning my ring. I can answer questions tomorrow, I'll try to check back.

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    Just to add to @doktorJung 's post there, I had a hell of a time setting up the Xperia Z2 tablet with Smart Lock - new users will need to go to security settings and enable the Smart Lock trust agent, then add their rings as trusted devices (along with any other bluetooth etc).

    I use Smart Lock with my rings, home and work locations and the bluetooth kit in my car. It makes it doable but I'm still fairly disappointed with the implementation!

    Anyone who does a nice guide, possibly with pictures can feel free to apply to me for a QA fail ring gift in return.

  • Just popped by for nostalgia reasons, saw this thread, decided to repost a previous thread on this topic. It even has video of it in action ...