Programming NFC Ring with RFID data?

  • At my office I've got a number of RFID door locks that require I attach this bulky plastic card to my belt. I would rather program a ring such as these to carry that signal. Is there a way to tap my ID tag card to a device that would read the unique identifier and then program an NFC ring with the signal? Mind you, I know very little about this technology (but I can learn).

    Perhaps a good secondary product for you guys would be some kind of NFC console that grabs signals from one source and programs the ring with them..

  • Paging @Lokki - i'm sure he'll be able to offer some deep insights into this for you. In my limited knowledge of doing this, it would really depend on what frequency the RFID door locks use at your office and also whether or not they are encrypted (which I believe is usually the case for door lock cards).

  • So it is possible as far as you know... I'm also curious about doing this for my subway RFID card. Man that'd be useful.

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    Oops, I haven't been getting notifications! Apologies all.
    What you'll have to do is figure out whether your office RFID system is going to be compatible with the NFC Ring.
    The ring being NFC is actually a sub-set of RFID - it may not actually work even if they're on the same frequency. On that subject, your office may be using 125kHz smart cards. If this is the case then there's no possibility of the 13.56MHz NFC Ring interacting with the system in any meaningful way.
    So, first off try to read your office smart card with an NFC handset and see if you get anything back from it.
    If you do get a result that way then it might be worth talking to the security guys at the office. They'd have to add the ring into the system as a smart card and link it to your access account.

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    The same caveats apply to your subway card, try to read it with an NFC device. If you can then you may be able to clone the data onto the ring. But there may also not be enough space in ring storage. You'll have to try it out and see!