Inlays transparent?

  • hi there,

    i just found this site and get interested in the nfc ring, but on the shop i saw only transparent inlays...why? I dont want to see that technological advancement...this isnt rly beautiful.

    Are there no colours for this like in the shop picture?

    How ist it about the range of this nfc, do i have to put the ring exactly on the nfc area of the phone?

    greetings TimTaylor

  • Community Helper

    It has two inlays, one is black and the other is transparent. Sometimes you could turn it around, so that the inlay you don't like faces the bottom.
    Range varies. If your phone isn't very good then the range will be bad. Note, this has nothing to do with how expensive your phone is. Your phone can be expensive as well as being crap.
    Sony make a good phone with a decent range on the NFC antenna.