"Wrong" Size Hack

  • I don't think my ring was the incorrect size so much as the jeweler was being a bit generous with the sizing. I ordered a size 8 and I should have probably asked for a 7. It was really close though and fit nicely on some of my fingers, just not on the finger I wanted to wear it. I didn't want to bother exchanging it so I thought I'd try using a bit of sugru to coat the inside of the ring. I rolled up a bit like a snake and wrapped it around the inside; then squished it down and gently scrapped around the sides with a box cutter to remove the excess. I let it cure overnight and bingo—in the morning the ring fit perfectly. Not only that but I think it's even better than if I'd had the right size, because the sugru is grippy and therefore the ring doesn't spin as much on your finger. It's also wonderfully personalized this way. Just thought I'd share this hack with the community.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Love it! Great job @Holden ! Hack on brother :)

  • I've never used that sugru stuff, but saw it online when it came out and figured it'd be useful for just about anything day to day. Must buy some soon! Great tip.