New Ring Model

  • What if there was a ring model that contained only the private data side of the ring and had a aesthetic design that was consistent around the entire ring? The idea being that it would be used for unlocking or accessing more sensitive data or locks; such as unlocking a safe or something like that. A ring that could be used as a wedding band without drawing any attention to itself could definitely appeal to a lot of people. It ads a whole new market to the rfid ring. I know I would certainly want one.

  • Part of the ring's security is that the outer/public NFC chip is more easily picked up by NFC readers, thus masking the inner/private NFC chip.

  • NFC Ring Team

    You would have to have an antenna for each size of ring. This would be painful. You would also have to tune that antenna to perform well in a ring function. Basically physics dictates our design.

    What you want is doable but you would have to make sacrifices (in both security, read performance and cost)