"Sweet Spot" on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • [color=#FFFFFF:1tm2vl2n].[/color:1tm2vl2n]

    [size=150:1tm2vl2n]After a little testing this appears to be the "sweet spot" on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.[/size:1tm2vl2n]

  • Hi Akura.
    You pretty much nailed it there with your picture. If you take of your back cover you can see the NFC Ariel on the back cover. The note 2 is lucky to have quite a large area for catching NFC.
    My only concern is the ring on the finger will trigger all the time when holding the phone. More to the point is that annoying sound it makes every time.
    If John, Tanya (Hi BTW ;) ) or the team read this, is there suggestions or development on your app that could restrict the notification sound?
    Sorry for the little Hijack

  • @northan

    Hi Akura.

    some NFC programs(NFC task launcher) have a minimum time frame for repeat NFC scans, maybe it would be good idea to integrate this option into the software