What happens if I lose my ring?

  • Hi all:

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer on the forums after using the search. Hopefully someone can answer!

    What happens if I use the ring to lock and unlock my phone, but then I lose the ring? Is it impossible to get back into the phone? (Maybe it's necessary to have two nfc keys that can unlock the phone?)

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    Well, hopefully you will have enabled a backup method of unlocking - if you're able to connect to a network then you should be able to log in with your google account details (or with a temporary key generated within your account if you are using 2 step verification) or if you're not then signing in with a pin is your other option.You will have had to set up pin unlock as a backup within the unlock app.

  • Ok that is good to know. I'm thinking of picking up one of these rings to lock/unlock my phone, but wanted to make sure if the ring was stolen or it stopped working I wasn't going to bone myself completely. Thanks for the info!

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    Awesome, let us know here if you need help with it!

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