NFC Ring Unlock app should say that Active Keys require an unique name

  • I have two rings, one of them is a Stealth bomber, I thought my Stealth Bomber died because I kept trying to write the unlock to it and it said it succeeded but then it said "Invalid credentials" or simply nothing when I tested. Apparently this happens if you already have a ring registered with a name (001 for example) and then you try to register the Stealth Bomber ring under the name (001) as well. As a result the Stealth Bomber ring actually doesn't work with the new Max name (description does get updated) but the old ring still works on it.

    It would be nice if it would display a clear message that you're about to overwrite an unlock ring with the same name (although it apparently fails to correctly overwrite it?)

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  • NFC Ring Team

    This would be tricky to do as NFC Ring Control doesn't do a read before it does a write. It's probably doable if we did a read before write and had some sort of guaranteed identifier on NFC Ring Unlock written tags but this would potentially give context to the NFC Ring Unlock tag data which would provide context for an attacker (they would know what the data could be used for).

    So while it's doable it wont be on my urgent list until we have strong crypto on a ring.