Ring Social Network

  • Hi all,
    Just a random thought that occurred - do you think you could use the ring as a friend unlock for a social 'Ring' network?

    I'm thinking of a social network that you only 'friend' by effectively authenticating them on your device. That way you'd have a fairly tight network of only people you know or have actually met. One of the advantages of something like this would be that it could be used for a younger social network (10+ years) where you'd have some assurance that kids would not get contacted by outsiders or people not actually met.
    The whole 'ring' ethos then pretty much sells itself, I suppose you could expand to other jewelry too with an embedded identity.

  • Community Helper

    It's a cool idea. I can't see why you couldn't implement some sort of verification with the NFC Ring.

  • Indeed, the idea sounds pretty interesting. Currently, I'm working with a mobile app development company so I think you can contact us if you need some assistance in the development of the app that will perform such verification

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