Audi implementing NFC car entry and car start!

  • NFC Ring Team

    • "NFC is used - rather than, say, going through the LTE connection - for legal reasons: Audi has to prove that there’s a valid driver in the car, rather than just a child playing around at the wheel, or a thief trying to make off with your luxury sedan. Holding the webOS watch near the plate and then hitting the Start button does the same thing, though Audi told us that the ergonomics of that are still being considered."

    • "Production cars may well have several NFC receivers integrated into the steering wheel, so that no matter which wrist you have the watch on, it’ll be recognized without having to stretch. Another NFC reader in the door handles gives access to the car itself when you hold your phone or wrist near."

    • "The same screen used for that key provisioning can also be used to deactivate them, so that if you lose your watch you can stop someone from using it to gain access. By using NFC, it also means that even if your phone is powered off, or lacks a working data connection, you can still use it to unlock and switch on the car."


    So yeah, good news!

    We worked with Audi a year or so ago giving them access to our prototypes but haven't heard much since. It looks like our work has rubbed off.

    We don't know if the NFC Ring will work with your Audi because if they are matching NFC to a watch they probably tuned their antennas to watch sized antennas, I guess when they start rolling these cars out in production we will be able to see how things go..

    Either way this is the first NFC "openable" / "startable" car.. Amazing how fast the future arrives!

    R8 and an NFC Ring anyone? ;)

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    That is pretty bloody awesome, that.