Yale door lock

  • NFC Ring Team


    Prolly wont work w/ NFC Ring, it "might" but I doubt it.. Looks like they have gone over complex with the thing..

    Comes in at $225.... Heh... Not how you compete w/ Samsung in this space.. C'mon Yale give us something at a sensible price point.. At this price point I'm not even going to buy a demo model to test with..

    Their Seos technology is what powers most of that device, but it's proprietary so no one is going to build on top of it. Just strikes me that Assa Abloy kinda missed the point here with putting a security layer on top of NFC/BLE :(

    Real shame, let's hope this is the first iteration though and good things are to come from Assa Abloy / Yale!

  • Yeah, really wish this was starting off cheaper... But it sure does look a lot nicer than anything Samsung offers.

    Hoping it'll work with the NFC Ring... Guess we'll be able to find out in Feb.

  • And it looks like this lock is now not available until April... Too bad cause I was really hoping to check it out. I just can't bring myself to put the Samsung one on the front of my house (it doesn't get the wife's approval).