Elechouse PN532 NFC Module V3 for Arduino etc.

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    @MarkGabb said in Elechouse PN532 NFC Module V3 for Arduino etc.:

    Hello! I'm a Car!
    Reader Online, Waiting for a valid key
      UID Value: ..4..B..4C..22..99..3C..814b4c22993c81
      UID Value: ..4..B..4C..22..99..3C..814b4c22993c81
      UID Value: ..4..32..32..22..99..3C..814323222993c81
      UID Value: ..4..32..32..22..99..3C..814323222993c81

     Serial.println(ringUid + "\n");
     if (ringUid == "42cbfd26f3f81" || ringUid == "814b4c22993c81" || ringUid == "814323222993c81" || ringUid == "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx") {
        Serial.println("Key accepted!");

    heh. I can see one thing wrong at least. 4b4c22993c81 not 814b4c22993c81 and 4323222993c81 not 814323222993c81

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    If that doesn't work I'd recommend installing nxp taginfo on an android device, read your ring and take the UID from the "tech" tab. There are zeros that may be necessary. eg. 04 0B 4C 22 99 3C 81
    Don't forget to kill the process before locking your device if you're using the nfc ring unlock app.

  • @Lokki spot on. i read the tag reading the wrong way around
    im guessing it wont pass to next section until i have the circuits completed...
    i remove the part when it checks for handbrakes and have just set it to 0 permanantly

    it wont say engine cranking, but im pretty sure that because nothing other than nfc reader is connected to it

    do you know anyone who has done an eagle for this??
    i think this is worthy of sending the board out for proper creation

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    MrStein has his own design of this, with different code. Mine is basically just hacked together in my head, as per the sketch output pins. It's possibly a bit too "organic" for me to go back and actually diagram. I'd have to start again, pretty much. In my other thread "quick and dirty vehicle start/entry sketch" I've written down what I've done, which parts were selected and why. That'd be a good start, but I'd go for larger relays if I were doing it again in an older car. Just remember, it's got to be a latching relay for the car power and a momentary relay for the starter motor.
    I'll have to set up the basic board again for testing, I expanded it, added a screen, did a few other of this and that and then removed it to sell the car. I'm pretty certain it cycled through properly without anything else being hooked up though, I've got a youtube video somewhere showing that happening with an LED.

    Just comment out anything that you're not using, like the handbrake part.

  • ill check that out and see where to go from there

  • yeah got everything working now using led in place of the relays for testing.....

    however i dont think i got the pins in right. the leds seem to be onn and then off on switch....

    int triggerPin1 = 2; //engine starter
    int triggerPin2 = 3; //accessory and power on
    int triggerPin3 = 4; //power off
    how do these pins relate in respect to a1 a2 and such??? i cant find any documentation on such

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    With my setup they don't stay on, they're just changing the state of the latching relay or holding the engine starter relay on for a brief time. When I get back on Friday I'll have a close look at my board and get back to you.

  • Hello guys,

    I'm totally new in this and I bought few days ago the NFC Module V3 (same as you guys are using). On the other side i'm using an Arduino Micro from SParkfun Micro based on an ATmega32U4. I put in place libraries I uploaded sketches coming from elechouse and tried the first one so the read sketch.

    My arduino recognize the chip unfortunatelly it keeps waiting until I put a card or a key card over it. Of course I do it but nothing happen. No recognition no sign from the arduino nothing....

    Is there someone who had the same problem? or a beginning of an answer?

    Thank you :)

  • @lokki hey man did you ever get a chance to look into that one???

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    @MarkGabb sorry dude, I may have gotten sidetracked. I've just pored over my monstrosity here, pin1=2=D2 etcetera
    So on the arduino I've got D2 linked to the cranking relay connected to the starter motor, via another relay so the arduino doesn't burn out.

    @Limpresible sounds like the same kind of arduino as a leonardo, they use the same IC. Now, when you say there's a chip being recognised that's a touch ambiguous - do you mean the reader loads up and is ready or the NFC tag is recognised but does not read?

  • @Limpresible upload your sketch for us and im sure someone will be able to take a quick look
    @Lokki up to car install now....just noticed you have a ACC,ON, IGN are you switching both ACC and ON from the same relay?

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    @MarkGabb I had mine in an R31 Skyline, so it was a bit different in ignition design to newer cars - in the end I tied accessory and ignition power to the same relay and had it go straight to that. Originally they were seperate ignition positions.
    So first ring touch was to power the car on, second was to crank the engine for a set period. Pretty much the same as most keyless ignition vehicles now, with the power/start button.

  • @Lokki awesome...within about a week i should have mine up and running

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    @MarkGabb I'm looking forward to hearing how you go with it! I've got a few more things to do before I upgrade my current ride, so if you do something better or different I'm definitely interested in that.
    Got a LattePanda that'll get shoved into the double-din slot, touchscreen/win10/arduino integration. I figure I'll feed it GPS, mobile cell service and ecu data as well as use it for entertainment, engine start and doors.

  • yeah im looking into the raspberry pi openelec rout for mine

  • here is my pre install test

    i think i may put in a longer delay after the ignition step so it cant turn the car off again in you dont pull your hand away

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    Nice one dude. Looks good.
    Be careful if you're not using a latching relay for accessories/ignition, power loss to the arduino might leave you coasting to a stop.

  • taken it into account...
    im building a capitor bank to plug directly into the power supply....so baring the arduino dying itself, i should be fine
    seems to be the way everyone is doing things now using super resistors as power sources for small devices

  • ive recently gotten quite interested in the mysensors opensource automation gear at the moment...

    am thinking about intergrating some of their work into this as well....

    basicly rfm 838 mhz radio transfer tech....add in a remote starter type thing....

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    All good then! There's nothing more embarassing than coasting across three lanes of traffic then pulling your steering column apart to hotwire the car... * cough *

    So what kind of vehicle are you putting this all in?