New ring does not work.

  • I have tried on multiple phones (LG G2, Note 2, Samsung Galaxy 3). I have tried both the app that came with the ring (NFC Ring Control) and an app called Trigger. I have tried both with and without the case. The ring simply does not read. The 3M chip that came with the ring works fine as do other NFC devices that I have laying around.

    If I missed something, please let me know.

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    I'm guessing this is a case of expectation being the issue - the ring will not work the same as a tag that is not housed in metal. You may have to adjust how you're trying to get a read there.
    Can you provide some more info on ring type and how you're attempting to get a read?

  • sure.

    I go into the app. press Read and then i hold my nfc ring to the back of my phone at the location indicated by the colored dots. at the bottom of the app it says Stuggling to find your sweet spot? Show help. So I went to see the help and ensured I was following all of those directions.

    I bought the kickstarter ring, what are you looking for there? size? material? Are some types of rings easier to read than others?

    My expectations were that my phone (or most phones for that matter) would be able to read the ring. Is that an outlandish expectation?

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    Imagine the screen showing the sweet spot is a guide and try the ring in adjacent areas as well.
    Also note that you do have at least 2 out of 3 known difficult devices.
    Which ring did you get on kickstarter? There are two types.
    The Normal or "Classic" ring is a thinner band at 7mm than the Alpha band at ~13mm.
    The Alpha and Classic can behave differently when used, and the Alpha can be slightly more easily read by a phone with misbehaving NFC.

    I find that most people who are having read issues are suffering under the misconception that the ring will work the same as a plastic NFC fob or swipe card. It does not.
    It's been known all along that the NFC Ring will have a shorter read distance and be more difficult to read than a standard single tag device in a non-metallic housing will be. This was actually one of the selling points on kickstarter.
    Unfortunately this can mean that a device with NFC which is not functioning optimally will be a confusing and irritating experience.