Note 3 - not reading?

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    Hi @Kerri, with the issues that we're seeing fairly consistently with these android models you may wish to contact support and request a change to Alpha ring, they'll present you with the options available to you and hopefully that should sort you out. My advice would be to hold onto the classic ring for the next phone, or pass it on to someone perhaps.
    The Alpha, while bigger, doesn't look that out of place even on small hands (I'm a wiry little guy and it works for my stumpy fingers). It just takes a little more getting used to when it covers most of a knuckle.

  • Hello, I've also received my Alpha ring and I can't get it read the ring, I did get it to read the space tag once but not the ring its self.

    I've tried removing the back but I assume the hardware is wired in to the case with the two little connectors on the case
    Any other advice i could try?


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    Hi @Dick-Thomas, glad to hear you got your ring, a little vexed that it's not working!
    So I'm assuming you're using a Note 3, have you tried it with any other tags to make sure NFC is switched on?
    In typical Samsung fashion the NFC antenna is in the back of the battery, so make sure that you're running the correct Samsung battery which is labelled as NFC enabled.
    Once you've verified that you can get a read from a standard tag, try doing a slow sweep of the back of the phone with the sound turned up, orient the ring horizontal to the phone and sweep slowly across the back while listening for either the read sound or the read error sound. See if you can narrow it down that way, then change orientation of the ring to vertical and go again over the entire area you've covered.
    Let us know how you go with that

  • I can get my note 3 to read an alpha and normal ring if I remove the back cover, but thats it. Im going to keep trying but looks like the note 3 just isnt very good with the nfc ring =(

    Got it to sort of read the alpha ring once through the back cover, but got an error, still trying =)

    Stuck the nfc sticker onto the ring to see if it being flat or curved made a does and it wont read the nfc sticker whilst on the alpha ring =(

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    hi @lonewolf121, sometimes it helps to 'roll' the inlay from one end to the other through the sweet spot, that can help turn a difficult read into an easy one.

  • @Lokki

    After some googling it seems that the wireless charging case might have and nfc extension in it (a few places stated that the top 2 of the 5 pins in the back of the phone are for nfc and not charging) so ive been trying it with the wireless charging case on and have had slightly better results, it isnt quite working but I get a reading then error sound...getting there!

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    Ah. Yes, that's one thing I keep forgetting - I haven't got anything that charges wirelessly so that one slips by me.
    Wireless Qi type charger coils that aren't factory standard will decimate your NFC.

    Keep practicing, and see if there's anything else we missed!

  • @Lokki

    Its an official samsung one so im going back and forth between the normal cover and the charging case.

    Some googling seems to show that the wireless S View case definitely has its own nfc receiver built into it so im going to keep trying with that for now as I am having better luck with it =)

    Edit: Trying it with the nfc sticker I get hits pretty much over the entire back of the phone whereas without it I only get near the known sweetspot =)

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    Sounds like a good plan there mate! Best of luck. ;-)

  • By the way, a couple more things to add:

    I mentioned somewhere in this thread that I found sweet spots in a shape of a square that corresponds to the location the coil's location on the battery. Below is a pic on the corners of that square using the sweet spot stickers. I've been using a transparent case and just removed the back cover. With a normal ring, you just align the ring parallel to one side of the square. The performance of your ring may vary as I found one side on my ring performs noticeably better than the other. This may give you a better idea on where you can find your sweet spots if you have a little trouble. Also note that angle of ring may also vary slightly based on distance from the coil.

    This is the Note 3 on Verizon Wireless
    Alt text

  • it shouldnt b this difficult to work with a note 3 mine doesnt work 9 times out of 10. i have a hardshell case on my phone and it will not register but i tried my nfc band and it works no problem

  • @MikeInSeattle but taking off my case jus to have my ring work shouldnt even b an option my nfc wrist band works with my case easily but tha ring is a no go

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    @Ybcthanerd hi, the NFC Ring is a compliant NFC tag but it will not function the same as a "standard" tag. You'll possibly have to adjust your method of use a little, passing the tag slowly through the available sweet spot on your phone and also possibly adjusting the orientation of the inlay on the ring or even "rolling" the inlay through the sweet spot. Rolling can help dramatically with reading, so give it a practice and see if that helps any. As you get more used to using the ring then it gets easier to do in a faster manner but for now try slow measured movements as you attempt to make the read happen.

  • @Lokki im doing that now and im getting nothing

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    I may have missed seeing it if you've posted it before, but what type of ring did you get? Classic or Alpha?
    You may need a change to Alpha in order to improve your chances of a good read - this is something that can be done by contacting and requesting the change to Alpha.
    I've been using an Alpha myself for the most part and the wider ring is extremely comfortable.

  • @Lokki i have aclassic but its also to large on my finger

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    Ok, sounds like you want to request an Alpha then. I'd suggest also getting your finger professionally sized by a jeweller prior to that so that you can get a good fit. If support queries the reason for the request just point them to this thread so that they understand why you're in need of the change.

  • @Ybcthanerd My picture is to just to give a visual of sweet spots (my case is transparent). Nothing more. Hopefully you'll find a solution that suits you.

  • @Lokki ok will do cause i jus looked thru my order and i was suppose to have a blue ring not silver, i did have my finger sized by a jeweler also how do i get another code for the app as i jus changed phones

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    Ok, yeah, coloured rings simply aren't happening. They're affected by the pvd polishing issue that has been playing merry hell with QA.
    Jewellers are human so they can sometimes be a little off, or you might have got your finger measured on a day where it was larger or smaller than usual. Heat and cold can change things a lot! Use the ring you have as a reference point because you know how big it is as confirmed in your notification email, that way you can see how far off the measurement may have been and compensate for that. Get your finger re measured too, just to see what's happened, it'd be a pain to have to swap sizes again.
    Also with the unlock app, try your email and the password you use here.