Access control for radio communications devices

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    One thing I'm very interested in looking at implementing (or attempting anyway) is using the ring as a timed access control device for sensitive radio communications products. In simplest form a small reader unit could be installed in the handpiece of a car 2 way radio and enable the Push To Transmit when an authorised user with a ring picks up the microphone.

    The company I work for does a lot of supply/fit/maintenance for government and private organisations with very real privacy concerns and they do occasionally 'lose' a radio, which can then sometimes be remotely disconnected from the network depending on the level of sophistication in the system. I think it would be a perfect use for the NFC Ring, perhaps even setting the radios to not log onto a network at power on until an authorised user has grabbed the microphone and verified themselves.
    This would suit most users as they enter the vehicle and switch it on, grab the microphone and report it before leaving. Then perhaps a one to eight hour timer to keep the system going without a constant need for re-enabling depending on the user's needs.

    This could apply to fire service/police/ambulance/tow trucks/couriers or even the overly paranoid tuna fishermen (those guys are seriously privacy conscious).

    Anyone got any thoughts on this? It's my line of work, RF Communications.

  • I work in Applications Engineering for Dust Networks wireless products. I have built a demo using the Adafruit readers to performance couple different access control functions with MiFare tags, and I would like to execute some similar functionality with my ring. Let me know if you would like to collaborate

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    Hi, I've already done a small proof-of-concept interrupt device which simply disconnected the PTT if there was no ring presence in a 5 minute period. A few of these little ideas got packed away in boxes when I moved and haven't come back out again.
    It does look very workable though, the trick would be getting the circuitry small enough to be unobtrusive and figuring out an easy way of field programming a new ring.