BlackBerry z30

  • Anyone have any luck with using the ring on a BlackBerry z30? I received two rings, one of the regular sized ones and one of the Alpha rings. I use NFC regularly on the phone and know where the antenna is and therefore "where to tap" but I cannot get any kind of read.

    I also have a Galaxy S2 that I tested with my two rings and was only able to get one of the NFC tags on the normal side ring to register with that device.

  • NFC Ring Team

    @Lokki can you please help Richard get started with the rings?

  • Community Helper

    I can't really help out with the Blackberry, @Symple-Rich, I've never used one in my life!
    The S2 though, those are a difficult unit. If it reads one of your inlays though, it should read all of them (especially the Alpha). Your method may be slightly off. Can you describe how you've found your sweet spot and what you do to get the ring to read?