NFC Computer Login (w/ Leonardo), other possibilities?

  • Hiya guys. So I got my rings in just in time for my birthday yesterday (yay!) and I'm on the search for nifty new tricks. I purchased a ring for my boyfriend as well, but of course he has an iPhone (currently not interactive with the NFC ring and no current jailbreak to fix this) so I'm trying to reinvigorate his interest in the toy. I found this Instructible to login to my computer, and I'm trying to figure out what else can I do with it. After logging in, can I have it save my work for my current window on tap or log back out? I can't imagine this hardware is only good for logging in.

  • Hi, you can do everything you imagine.
    For example the Logout:
    See code for login (
    Replace the code "Keyboard.println("password");" at the end with the following code:;'l');

    This code presses the Window Key and the "L" key at the same time, so your windows computer will be locked.
    For more information, read the Arduino docs:
    You can emulate the Keyboard and the Mouse with an Ardunio Leonardo

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    I'd imagine you could set up the arduino to rotate states so that the first read + delay will log you in and the next read + delay will log you back out again.
    @Nairod785 is looking into doing this with a beetle and PN532 V3 board. The PN532 V3 should work well with the ring and the whole package using the beetle would be tiny. thread here