Angrier by the minute

  • So I sent this email today:

    I got a shipment of rings today. Two of them were the same size which were the Visual Fail, and a Black and clear ring. There is another ring in the box of a very large size too that is clear on clear.

    I would like to know if there are any updates on the Stealth Bomber (which I hope is coming in the smaller size)?

    Is it my understanding that the Alpha is not coming but should be ordered online?

    Very disappointed at this point as not a single ring is of the specifications (colors) I ordered. I understand about the carbon not being available, but this is ridiculous.......

    And what are the extra circuit boards in the box for?

    And I got this reply:

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Do you already have a forum thread we can refer to?
    We do all of our user support through the forum at - The forum is a great place to get help with your NFC Ring from our awesome community.
    We use our forum to empower our community but also so we can document any issues(helping others in the future) and keep our service transparent.

    When you create a forum thread our community will let you know if you need to get in touch with us directly, if so just drop us through another email linking through to your forum thread.

    P.S. here is a link to the forum again:

    Thanks for being awesome
    I am getting angrier by the moment. And my request was : CLOSED WTF!!!!!

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    @Irene, some advice first - take a breath, hold it and release. When you're angry you actually absorb and retain less information.
    I understand the anger/disappointment and everything else, but we're going to talk about what's happened and I don't want you to dismiss everything automatically.

    You got your rings, that's good. But during production and coming to the end of pledge fulfillment there have been updates and discussions about the issues that have been had with the factory specifically with their failure to produce anything that is too different. This is what will have happened to quite a few backer's colour/style orders.
    There was also a last minute absolute failure where the Alpha bands were concerned.
    It sounds like these things have all added up to make your experience a little less awesome unfortunately.

    So the first order of business is - are the sizes correct?

    You mentioned a Stealth Bomber, that's simply not going to happen. The PVD coating appears to be entirely impossible for the factory to produce without a completely unacceptable failure rate.

    If you ordered an Alpha and didn't get it, and are in a position where you're completely unhappy with that and need to talk to support then drop them a line and let them know objectively what has happened.
    Support is there to help, but in order to have them help effectively you need to remove anything unnecessary from your dialogue with them.
    Support is not there to empathise because that slows them down too much, they're there for problems with rings.

    The extra inlays that you got in your package are some of the original tags that were designed for the stainless steel prototype ring before it was changed to titanium.
    You can use them to verify that NFC is working on your device.

  • @Irene If you become a backer of a project on something like Kickstarter and don't read the updates that are sent out every month then it is very likely you are going to end up with a metric tonne of surprises when the project finally reaches fruition.

    If it was like a store, and you just ordered things and they were guaranteed to be delivered as described then that would be a great. But projects on KS are rarely like that and shouldn't be treated like that. You are usually pledging to fund R&D, prototyping, production and all sorts of other activities. At any of those stages problems may turn up that mean the original specification just isn't possible. The updates will detail this process.

    I'm not going to answer your specific questions because every single smegging one of them has been covered in at least one update. If you didn't bother reading them I'm not going to bother regurgitating them for you.

    As for the alpha, if you have the same "Your NFC ring order is on it's way!" (their typo not mine) email as me then it details exactly what the situation is with the alpha ring and how to go about getting one.

    And just in case you think I'm being a bit harsh, my final shipped order also had not a single ring that I ordered. But I did read the updates and engage with support when requested, so it wasn't a surprise. Just a disappointment.