Is it possible to enter "Contact Details"

  • I want to be able to enter my "Contact Details" onto the NFC ring so i can tap my ring onto someone elses phone and share my details.

    How do i go about doing this?

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    Basically you want to create a VCARD, @Craig. This creates a 'standardised' contact card that can be read and understood by multiple devices (for now you may have to use an app like NXP TagWriter for this - I just checked my NFC Ring Control App and it seems to be up to date but doesn't include VCARD).
    Bear in mind that your storage space is 137 bytes, so you may have to pare down your details to a usable minimum.

  • This was the first thing I tried with my NFC ring, using NFC Tools Pro - 137 bytes is enough for a vcard as long as it's not complete, I couldn't add a URL to my contact details but full name/number/email address was fine.

    Have to admit I was a little disappointed that NFC Control didnt have this function, vCards are a standard that has been around for ages

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    @StefanG vcard is being added to the Control App, I had thought it was available already but it looks like not quite yet. Check back again after the app updates.